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Flea infestation

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Hi so I just got a pit bull puppy from a girl online mind you he’s only 6 weeks didn’t realize that was way too early intel I did research. Well when I picked him up I see the horrible environment he was living in not to mention all the puppies and mother and father were flea infested so bad you could see them crawling all over there skin. I gave him a bath today with dawn dish soap and used the flea comb after I was done I realized they were all inside his ear and his eyes. I just want to know is it safe to do it all over again tomorrow I saw a lot of people saying not to do one everyday but I can’t risk the fleas invading the whole house . I’ve kept him in the bathroom tonight in a dry tub with a towel to lay on with food and water
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Okay I’ll definitely do that! I took him another bath with the dawn dish soap today and I’m pretty sure we got all of them but he does have a lot of scabs from scratching so much before we got him, after the bath he was rarely caught scratching. We let him roam around the house the rest of the day to get him used to it. We don’t have carpet so I’m not worried in that aspect but I’m not sure what to use on the couches and corners of the house.
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