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Flea Help

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We live in Winchester, VA and as it has been everywhere recently its been hot as haiti. My dog got fleas and I thought to myself lets go to the vet and they will have the answers and meds. She was already on a medication that stopped fleas and ticks but it ran out and we waited a week to buy the new medicine when it financially benefited us. They gave us the 2nd application which will last for another 6 months we washed everything, washed the dog applied the meds and then the other night I was petting her before bed and noticed she had fleas still. We called the vet and they are so sure they arent fleas but its the exact same thing as before and I know because she is scratching and biting and she never does stuff like that. What are other ways to prevent fleas from latching to my dog??
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What a cuttie!

Aside from medication, what steps have you taken to eliminate the source? You will need to enlist the help of a pest control company, or find some do-it-yourself products to stop the cycle of breeding fleas. (This can take weeks). The outside of your home will need to be treated as well as your cuttie pie. Just from looking at your picture, I would use a direct spray on the rug, the cinder block wall, under and around the house, attic, baseboards, furniture, etc. You need to get to the root of the problem. You will also need to vacuum often, wash everything in hot water, often and continue this regiment until all signs of the fleas are gone. It does take time.

In the meantime, you can use Capstar (found at most PetSmart ans similar stores) to kill the fleas. Capstar should be safe with the meds your vet prescribed, but check with them to be sure.
Thank you

And we also used this rug powder all around the house. We used it on the carpet, the furniture, the beds, everywhere the dog would be. We didn't do outside though. The picture was taken in my In Laws back yard when we were there. Our house is a little similar just smaller. Idk how to control the Fleas outside but I'm willing to do anything if it means my dog will be happy and healthy. Please keep it coming with the help. I feel like the worst dog owner ever since she has fleas.
Did you actually see the fleas on your dog? I noticed the kibble in the photo looks like Beneful or something like it, which is full of grain, esp. corn, wheat, and soy. This can make a lot of dog very itchy.
1st may I compliment you on such great eyes lol yes it is Beneful but we also have seen the fleas. 1st I seen flea dirty and I used to own a Sheltie and when we got her she was covered so I know exactly what to look for especially since our new dog now isnt much of a dirt digger. She hates getting dirty because she hates getting wet, she grew up learning from a cat lol. But anyways I seen a few the other night but our vet is telling us it cant be possible because her medicine would make them fall right off. I dont believe her but we'll see.
I would call in a professional exterminator to treat both your house and yard (making sure the dog is not allowed in the areas until dry). Also, as previously mentioned, vacuum frequently to get the newly hatched fleas (which will happen for a while). Make sure you empty the vacuum container outside away from your house each time, or the fleas will simply reinfest themselves. You must be so frustrated!
What kind of flea meds did they give you that are supposed to last 6 months? I've never heard of that. Most need to be reapplied monthly.

The sugar in the Beneful may be attracting the fleas to her blood. Honestly, regular Dog Chow would be better than Beneful, although there are better foods, of course.
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