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Flea colars and Kids

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Are flea collars bad for my kids to be touching? I've been trying to keep the kids hands away from the colar.
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We are going to get the drops this weekend when we get paid...Heres the story my husband brought the pup home not thinking all the things that we will need to pay for...Now is not the time to have a dog but my husband refuses to get him into a better home that can afford him. God forbid anything ever happend to him we wouldnt beable to afford the bills! I am so sad about it...I love my pup more than anything...but were facing hard times right now with 2 children and only one of us working...Im a stay at home mom bc my kids are 3 and 2. I dont know what to do. I talked to my vet yesterday about getting him on flea and heart worm meds and they of course want to test him for worms since he has fleas. $100+ that we just dont have atm. We are going to save it and should have it within the month...I know someone is going to hound me for having a dog that I can not afford...My dog eats better than me!!! HAHA
Thank you all for not judging me...and also thanks for the advise! Lets just hope my pup doesnt have worms from the fleas!!!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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