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So I'm aware I might get flagged but since the vet isn't opened until tomorrow and accepts walk ins in the mornings. I'd figure I'll try.
I removed a flea off of my dog about 2 weeks ago. I then realized about 2 days ago he had a pimple like thing where I removed the flea it was red with a white ring around (best description I can provide) Today it has gotten smaller (it wasn't very large to begin with) and it "popped" while I was checking it.
I'm thinking possible infection may occur so maybe they'll put him on a antibiotic of some sort. My girl dog got prescribed Amoxiclav last week. So maybe something of that sort.
Or should I wait a while and see what happens? I know I'm responsible for all my dogs but I also don't have the type of money to run to the vet every time I think something is wrong. Especially with 2 aging older dogs.
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