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Both times I asked, I was told that everything came out. So if they missed some of the ovarian tissue, it is possible to get this side effect?
Something I failed to post in here, was that it lasts about 6 weeks.
(Not a vet)

Yes, as far as I know if there is ovarian tissue left, it could produce the hormones needed for a heat.

But, any vet who says that "everything came out" AND that a spayed dog having heat cycles is normal would get a big old question mark of distrust from me.

I'd wager that you'd know if the dog had an OSS when you paid the bill for the spay-- they aren't cheap and not all vets even offer them.

I think if budget allows, I would considering an ultrasound at a different vet clinic to see what is still in there so you know what may a concern latee
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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