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First vacation since I've had the pup

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So I'm new to this forum. I remember reading articles here when I was searching for breed information and training techniques.

Well I'm going on vacation today, and my pup will be left with my parents while I'm gone. I've had my pup for abour 4 months, and this will be the first weekend spent apart. I think I have the separation anxiety and he doesn't! I know he'll be fine staying with my parents since he has spent daytime with them at their house.

I'm just feeling down thinking about being away from him. He's an absolute joy to be around. Just wish I could bring him with me. I just needed to vent a bit.

Feel free to say anything that may make me feel better :)
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Well I am sure you will be fine ha ha, and your puppy will be having the time of his life with his grandparents. I know my puppy Teagan loves playing and spending time with her grandparents ha ha. And it will probely be an awesome experiance being in a different house and enviroment for longer than just a day!

I can understand though how you can have separation anxiety. I sure miss my baby when I am not home. So it is normal, and it will be totally worth it when you go and pick up your baby and he attacks you will kisses!:D
I took my first vacation away from Ludo this last spring. I spent five days away. He stayed at home with the housesitter (we had her come over two days early so he would adjust as he doesn't like strangers).

I was far more upset about it than he was. Although he did not eat much while I was away. I had to resort to having the housesitter cook chicken and rice for him just go bribe him to eat :)

In the end, we both were fine. As you both will be. Your pup will have the time of his life and you will have a great vacation. Plus! Just think about the reunion! Always fun!
Thanks for your replies.

I'm just an all around dog kind of person. When I was younger, I was definitey the closest to our family dog. When she passed (5 years ago) I was just a wreck, and still am when I think about her being gone. I just get so attached to dogs

So he will be the first dog that I've raised myself. I spend all my free time with him, have been attending obedience every week, and he follows me around everywhere, so we've at a LOT of bonding time.

He absolutely loves anything and everything, so he will have a great time with them while I'm gone. We're their world and what they know, so it just gets to me knowing that I won't be around. It doesn't help that im a softy either! haha!

But that's a good way of thinging about it. I can't wait to get back and have my pup lick my face off :)
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It sounds like the both of you are having a great time together! Don't worry about it -- I'm sure everything will be fine. :)
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