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First time this ever happened at the dog park

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Earlier tonight I took Lola to the dog park. There is a double gate and we entered the first one. Before entering the second gate into the dog park there was a Jack Russell at the gate. At first Lola and her were sniffing each other then the JRT started barking at Lola. Lola barked back but then stopped. The JRT stopped barking long enough for me to get the gate open. As soon as I opened the gate to go into the park the JRT entered the gate and went right after Lola. I took my foot and blocked the JRT then I reached down to the JRT with my hand on her neck (not hard) and pushed her her down and was holding her there for a minute until she calmed down.

I then let her go and the owners picked her up and was looking at her neck area they did not say a word and then left. At the time this was the only dog in the small dog area where we were entering. A woman was behind me with her daughter, her Yorkie and her husband soon followed. The woman behind me told me that she was glad I entered first because that dog probably would have gone after her dog. She had also told me that she was glad that I did what I did as it put a quick stop to what was going on. She also said that the people that had the JRT looked kind of afraid when they left. I then told her that when it comes to my dog getting attacked like that I am not the person that the owner would want to deal with and I will do whatever it takes to protect my dog.

If I ever see those people there with that dog again and the same thing is about to occur they had better watch out and get there dog and leave right away like they did tonight. Lola is fine and I think the next time if that dog sees me she will probably run the other way, perhaps the owners will as well.

Lola is fine. She just had a few hairs out of place and a little slobber on her :D
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You said that the JRT was the only dog there when you got there?

I bet that thing cleared out the park about 10 minutes before you got there. Every dog park seems to have those dogs/owners who can clear the place out. If I get to one of our parks during a peak time and only see one dog, my guard goes up.
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