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Hi! My name is Jennifer. I'm a first time dog owner. Always loved dogs but didn't want to have a dog home alone. Now that I work from home we rescued Toluco the border collie mix (mega mutt per DNA results) from TN just before COVID hit. We were signed up for puppy training, but it was canceled the week before it was supposed to start so I'm trying to learn and train on my own. Tuki is 5 months old now and we found out last night that he's afraid of the AC. He sleeps in a crate by our bed at night. When I felt too warm and turned on the AC, he started wimpering. We brought him outside in case he just needed another potty trip. When he came back in, he didn't want to go to his crate (he's usually pretty good about going in). I tried putting on the fan setting in case it was the intake that bothered him, but no. He continued to wimper. I'm not sure what to do. Like me, he doesn't like the heat and transitions from the couch with me and finds a nice, cool space to lay when he overheats during the day. I live in Maine. It hasn't gotten very hot yet. But it's supposed to reach 85 today which means it will be hot tonight and we'll need the AC to avoid overheating. Any ideas?
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