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I recently got a Catahoula pup which is now 7 months old. I have previously had Labs which has proven to be "totally" different than Catahoula's. This was actually a rescue, but we got the pup at a very young age so i'm not real sure if something happened there. This Catahoula is freakously attached to my wife. She will not leave her side.. at all.. even to go out and eat. My wife has to go or the dog will run and hide under the bed. If my wife gets up and goes inside with me and the pup outside, the Cathoula will go sit by the back door.. even with food out there. She absolutely hates the crate and tends to know when we are getting ready which also ends up with her under the bed. If I call her in, she will go under the lawn furniture and sits down. It's not like she won't have anything to do with me or the boys as she will lay and cuddle as long as my wife is in the room. She has a pretty funny personality though. She likes to play rough and likes to bark and paw at me. She has not ever bitten anyone, but she can get aggressive (barking) if someone that she doesn't know comes into the house or near my wife. Just really curious if this bread is that way or something specific to this pup..
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