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first puppy playdate

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Although Ruby has met other puppies/dogs it has always been when leashed as there are no dog parks close by here.

Today (just now in fact lol) I saw my neighbor who has just moved in and I invite her up to my apartment so the dogs could play properly, as hers is about the same age/size as Ruby.

And I am SO proud of Ruby! She had no problem with the other dog sticking its head in her food bowl (empty) or drinking from her water bowl at the same time as her or playing with her toys. They chased each other, play wrestled etc and it was so good to see her with another dog like that! And it is my neighbor so this can be a regular thing!

I was just so pleased that she showed no aggressiveness or protectiveness about her things, as although she is fine with me in her food/water/toys she has never had that test with another dog.

Just wanted to share my puppy pride :D
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oh yeah, quick question to add to it.

Does anyone else's dog sniff and lick the other dogs nose when they meet another dog?

I didn't think anything of it until yesterday when me and my neighbor walked our dogs together. Her dog was sniffing butts with every other dog we met, but Ruby sniffs and licks noses...
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