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First Night at Obedience Class

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Well we had our first night at obedience class at the local VFW hall. My class start time was 7:45 and I was so anxious, I did not realize i was in the 7:15 class.

I've had my dog "Dusty" for three weeks now. Dusty is a shelter dog who is mainly or 100% Pit Bull.

The class is run by four woman who seem like they have done this a million times and were so nice to us. They were impressed by her (which makes me feel like my work with her has been rewarded). I know the basics and read a little bit here and there (before falling asleep) to help me with her.

If there is anyone out there that would like to share war stories with training I would love the company. My wife and kids love the dog, but im the one who spends the time training her and they have no interest in that part of her. They just shower her with affection.

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You might not like my war story...but it bears repeating at the git-go:

While your wife and daughter don't have to be "The Trainer", they do need to re-enforce your training rules...otherwise they could undermine a lot of your dog's hard work. For example, it's really unfair to the dog to expect him to understand that he can't jump up on you, but he can jump up on them. What does he do about Grandma? Jump? Not jump? He's going to end up doing whatever he feels like...and he'd be right to do so since he's gotten conflicting rules. Ditto for so many other training situations.

Besides, training is lots of fun for the dog and the person.
10-4! Yes, I have told them and explained to them exactly what you and many others have said to me about family/dogs and training....thanks!
I got the impression that the OP, gets all the arduous task, like also cleaning the dogs teeth, removing something caught in the dogs paw, cleaning up the vomit, etc. I might be wrong just took a guess.

My first obedience class, I was quite apprehensive, ( hate to say nervous lol). My first dog, my first class, he was a doberman, and really in need of some civilizing, my fault. There must have be twentyfive or more students and dogs. And as I looked around there were alot of dogs that really acted quite smart already but thank Dog, there were some dogs that made my dog look good!lol

The method of dog training back then was quite mean, by todays method, but my dog was such a fast learner being a doberman:) I did not have to use some of the more severe techniques to get the proper responce. I think they called it the SP? Khollers method of dog training. The course was twelve weeks and my guy completed it in nine.

For the remender of his 10.5 year life, I was never soo proud and more humbled by the relationship I had with , this wonderful dog, I still and always will miss him!
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it sounds like a scene from marley and Me but my old dog dodger got banned from obedience class for disruptive behaviour. we got him at 7 months old from a crazy lady down the road....he was a heinz variety mutt and had no solid training....he ended up getting so excited in the street one day that he just had a heart attack and died...it was the weirdest year of my life....
Write down the commands you use & stick them on the fridge, that way your family can use the same terms & not cofuse the dog.
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