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I just wanted to share this.

My mum's dog is staying at our place for a couple of weeks again. Reina is 11 years old now, and she has never been formally trained.

I had been wondering if she could still enjoy a Kong this late in her life. She suffers from severe allergies, so I have always been afraid to give her food that's not her own, and she hates her food. Last time she had her teeth cleaned up, the vet told us just boiled chicken would be fine, so I've taken that as a green light to incorporate boiled chicken (no spices, just chicken) in her diet.

Today, I decided to finally buy her a kong, just to test it out. At first she just looked at me so I would just give her the treats, but after a while, she learned she had to work it out by herself. For a dog that usually sleeps all day, she has been at it for a long time and I am so glad to be able to provide her with a fun activity while I'm working.

Old dogs do learn new tricks. :D
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