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Last night was Lola's and my first time for dog therapy. We went to a library as a group. 7 dogs and 7 handlers in all. The kids had a great time. We first introduced ourselves to them as a group and showed them a few tricks our dogs can do. I showed them how Lola would wait to pick up a treat until I tell her to and point to it. They applauded after she took the treat.

We then broke up into groups and all the children took turns reading to the dogs. The one that was reading would show the dog the pictures in the book after they read the page to them and all the kids got to pet all the dogs that were there.

There was one small girl that would be with her group but when ever the group would go to another dog she would come back to Lola again. After it was over the same girl came back to Lola again .

I don't know when we will go out again into therapy but I do know that there is a schedule that we could participate in and there is something going on each and every day. I'd like to go out on our own but for now I want to do a few more group events. The woman I partnered up with in the group setting was the instructor at the therapy classes and she said that Lola and I did great. I was the only male handler there last night :eek: :D.

There is one event I want to attend next month. The PNC bank at 520 and US RT 9 in Marlboro will have an adopt a pet day on July 11,2009 and they would like a few therapy dogs there so that they can show the prospective adopters what dogs can do besides being a pet.
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