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Firs time bath...

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The title should say First time bath

Well I brought home my Husky today. Besides having little to no training, he has never had a bath. She says she brushes them twice a year (more if they get too dirty) but no baths. I need suggestions as to how to introduce him to this idea of a bath. Right now he smells like horse manure, and while I don't mind that smell, I think a bath would do him good.

Thanks in advance,
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I would just go slow and gentle with the water, not to make very sudden movements with it as to scare him. Possibly just use a gentle/tearless shampoo to ensure the entire experience is pain-free without any shampoo getting into the eyes (or at least if it does it doesn't hurt!)

Does he like to be brushed? I've noticed sometimes with dogs who like to be brushed using a bath brush or grooming glove can make it somewhat enjoyable as it almost gives them an all over massage and gets all their itches. It also makes sure the shampoo gets through the thick coat.

The most important thing is to rinse, rinse, rinse and make sure no shampoo is left behind!

Something like this: http://www.petplanet.co.uk/shop_dev/assets/new_product_images/interpet/rubber_grooming_glove.jpg

Or I even love these zoom groom brushes: http://www.petnutritionproducts.com/productimages/images/zoomgroom_dog.jpg They can also be found for a few bucks at petco/petsmart

Pandora isn't too wild about baths but she LOVES being brushed and she will arch her back and keep trying to get closer and closer to me during a bath if im using that glove on her. If I stop she'll start nudging my arm, lol.

You could even learn how to do a proper pet massage and make it a very relaxing experience.
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With my Husky (Cain in my sig) i use the furminator on him but yours almost looks to have a longer, thicker coat so that might not be as effective.

The furminator is also pretty expensive (roughly $50) you could buy just a rake and a slicker brush and probably get a lot of the undercoat out.
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