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Firs time bath...

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The title should say First time bath

Well I brought home my Husky today. Besides having little to no training, he has never had a bath. She says she brushes them twice a year (more if they get too dirty) but no baths. I need suggestions as to how to introduce him to this idea of a bath. Right now he smells like horse manure, and while I don't mind that smell, I think a bath would do him good.

Thanks in advance,
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If you have a shower take him in the shower with you. Take some treats too. If you need something that won't matter if it gets wet>use some cut up slices of hot dog. Every now and then when you are bathing give him a piece of hot dog. Then bath him and do the same thing. After drying give him a treat. Pretty soon he will get the idea bath time is treat time. Later on you can start giving the treats at the end.I started my dogs out when they were puppies taking a shower with me. Sometimes I have to run them out of the shower so I can get in. They generally like taking a bath> they get treats afterward now. David
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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