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Firs time bath...

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The title should say First time bath

Well I brought home my Husky today. Besides having little to no training, he has never had a bath. She says she brushes them twice a year (more if they get too dirty) but no baths. I need suggestions as to how to introduce him to this idea of a bath. Right now he smells like horse manure, and while I don't mind that smell, I think a bath would do him good.

Thanks in advance,
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Thanks very much for the advice! I am gonna try to give him a bath at the beginning of next week. He does like to be brushed. I need a better brush because the one I have isn't going through his coat real well. I'm gonna look at the links you added. After his first bath, I may see about taking him to a groomer or the vet for his feet. He is good with letting me handle them, but his nails are darker and that makes me a bit nervous about trimming them
I honestly wish we still had a walk in shower. lol. I don't think the bath itself will be too bad. He came in the bathroom (at least poked his head in) yesterday while I was taking a bath. The running water and such didn't bother him, neither did get a bit wet when I splashed him a bit. bath time = treat time..good idea I wonder if he'll get in the tub for hotdogs...hehe :D
Thanks. :) I'm going to call around tomorrow to some groomers and see if I can get him in. He has been brushed about 12 times since he came home. lol. He is shedding bad. His previous owner says he always sheds early so I get to look forward to that every year. :D I am going take it slow and easy...start by getting him in the tub..then some water on his feet, etc. Of course after he tried to jump in the half frozen retention pond, you wouldn't think he has problem with water. :D
The brush I have isn't working really well so while I was at Wal*Mart, I got a rake and that seemed to help. As soon as I got home he got a good brush down and actually seemed to enjoy it.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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