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Firs time bath...

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The title should say First time bath

Well I brought home my Husky today. Besides having little to no training, he has never had a bath. She says she brushes them twice a year (more if they get too dirty) but no baths. I need suggestions as to how to introduce him to this idea of a bath. Right now he smells like horse manure, and while I don't mind that smell, I think a bath would do him good.

Thanks in advance,
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however you decide to bathe him you need to be sure to dry him all the way or else you'll do more damage than the intended help. i would brush him very well before the bath to get rid of the undercoat that is going to take forever to dry. ( at work we "blow them out" and get hair everywhere.. lol) good luck
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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