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Finland Suspends Protection Sport Training

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I put this here.. if it should be somewhere else or not posted at all, I understand.

Finland has banned E collars and Prong Collars and (as I have said here in other posts) abusive trainers will simply use what they have (hands and feet). Hitting and Kicking dogs is also illegal. These people were caught.

Trust me.. you can pass all the laws and bans you want to pass and abuse will still happen. I am willing to bet that in the countries where e collars and prong collars are banned they are still being used and still being purchased underground. Just like the banning of guns in England... a friend of mine there said, "Let us be under attack and you will see guns surface because the ban did not eliminate! It just put them in hiding."

So, this video showing two bad trainers surfaced and now Finland has suspended protection training for sports pending additional study. The article is attached. An entire community and competition is punished due to two people. Would we ban Gymnastic competition for all children if a coach was found to be abusive or would we punish that coach?

Abusive people exist. People who lose their temper exist. They should not have dogs or train dogs. That does not mean they do not exist and it does not mean they do not have dogs. It is NOT the equipment, it is the people. The President of the SV (in Germany) wrote a strongly worded letter indicating they do not approve of the methods used in the video in this article and the bad apples should be dealt with under Finland Law.

They temporarily banned protection training for sports pending review (and the competitions as well) but not working dog training (I guess)?

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It's a sad and sorry fact of life that some people will do terrible things to themselves, their kids, and their animals. I read just the other day about dressage trainers still using a form of training banned by the governing bodies. Short of video cameras covering every square foot of the world, how could you stop it? That may be coming, but I'm glad I'll be gone from this world before it happens.

Laws and rules help control and minimize but they can't eliminate the worse of human behavior. Look at dog fighting and cock fighting. Laws have driven them underground and reduced the incidence but haven't eliminated it.

I agree that it's sad to see the many punished for the sins of the few. I wish there were more cases where abusers were forbidden from ever owning a dog again, something a little easier to enforce.
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