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Finding Dog Boots

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Hi All

I'm new to the site and would like some help with dog boots. We have a dog with very sensitive feet and want to get her some boots. We bought some from Canine-spirit but they had no grip and our dog was sliding everywhere - it was quite distressing, we really thought she was going to get hurt. (By the way, i would avoid them as a company - they have not been helpful despite their advert saying these boots would be useful, have not been willing to talk about returns etc and are just saying we should buy another product! Pretty poor)

So can anyone help with finding a boot that does not slip and slide on grass (we were on dry grass so i would expect a boot to be wearable in that situation at least).

Any ideas?

Many thanks

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Wow, that looks good and so much cheaper - do you know anyone who has tried them?


1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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