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Yeah, about the most basic of tricks ever. We're just now getting to it.

This evolved from him just going over on his side one day during play. I captured it and rewarded him for it. From that point on, I've been trying to induce it during our daily morning play periods, marking and rewarding each time.

Lately, he's been going over on his own, sometimes flipping over, but it's not consistent. So I decided to pretty much do what I did with getting him to master sit-pretty.

I get a lure (read: a piece of some food tidbit/treat) and get him to go after it, and when he's in the position I want him to hold, I stay still with it and he has to try to get it from that position. Then later, he has to hold the position for some seconds before getting marked/rewarded.

That's where we are now in the process, and I want him to get comfortable controlling his body while he's on his back, considering that's a pretty major part of rolling over. He's learning how to control his balance and movement with his front paws, like he figured out with sit-pretty. How ever he has to do it.

The pictures illustrate how he and I are working it so far. Of course, with my luck, he'll roll..and the stop with his paws up in the air on his back...

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