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Okay i had posted looking for suggestions on breeds that would fit my life along with my current dogs and fosters.We were really looking into german shepherds but are now thinking against it(or putting that breed lower on the list)Based on my activity level and what i want to do with the dog we have leaned alot more on a Border collie or Australian shepherd.
I wanted a dog that would keep up with my active life(and unfortunately my current dogs are not that),I would love to get into Flyball,Frisbee,maybe agility(of course one thing at a time).
Me and my boyfriend have talked alot about the breeds we want(We had a Lab X but he passed away last month)So we are not getting a dog now but we are thinking September or October or maybe even later(but are planning now and looking into different breeds)Of course now that we have generally decided the breeds when it comes time i will be looking into a shelter younger dog or puppy.
What other breeds would be great for what i want?Then i can look more into them too.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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