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Finally coming out of the forum shadows to say HI!( long post)

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Been "stalking" this forum for about a year trying to gather up as much info as I could and finally want to say Hello and how impressive it is the amount knowledge that many of you have.

The story of Forest, Bailey and Sy. (sorry if its a bit long)

My whole life I have always been a dog lover(or so I thought being raised on a farm had a diffrent idea of how dogs are treated. Outdoor 95% of the time and ment mostly just for work yes very naive:redface:). At the age of 18 my mom had the great idea that getting me a teacup chi was a perfect x-mas gift...well as you can guess was wrong situation at a wrong time in my life so she ended up taking care of the dog till i "matured".

Some years later (took awhile to grow up). My friend sends me a text with a picture of the cutest dog I have ever seen knowing I love aussies and dogs with diff colored eyes.(who is in a shelter a hour away)AWWWW cute dog blah blah blah......conversation dropped....than 2 weeks later again this friend sends me the same pic with a note under saying he gets put down tomorrow. I have one of those why would you do that to me moments and get to really thinking at the time I lived somewhere I couldnt have a pet and really had to consider my schdule and life in the matter of half a day. Being the friend she is and the fact her family does fosters..she insists I am ready and if I really want this dog her family is willing to foster him for me. So my lil Forest takes the hour trip to live near me.. Now I did everything that I was not suppose to, adopted a dog off a picture, had a busy shedule and no place to live with him.(no I absloutely do not agree with anyone going about getting a dog like this have learned sooo much since).

The first meeting!
At the pound he was listed as catahoula mix, 3years old, and would stay under 20lb....lol dont need to say much more about the knowlege of that shelter.
Driving up to the dog park to meet him was nerve wrecking so many thoughts. As I walk in I spot him across the park and without hesitation he runs straight toward me and sits politely infront of me waiting to be pet..(at the time was extremely out of character for him very shy/timid) all that can be said is I Fell in LOVE!
It took me a couple months to get out of my lease and find a new place where i could have him (amazing friend I know). Now a year and a half later me bailey(the teacup I was finally mature enough to take care of), and the dog whom i decided choose me are the happiest we could ever be. Can never imagine my life without my Forest who is 33lb aussie/acd and just now around the age of 2 is extremely docile and well behaved and my tiny 2.8lb bailey! Forest and I are starting agility and its amazing what love and a good training class can do for a shy dog.
He changed my life in more positve ways than can even be named and every day I am thankfull for my irrational decision.

Sorry for such a long post!
pics to come :wave:

So hello from me and my lil family to all you amazing knowledgeable dog lovers out there!
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Never too soon. Pictures, pitcures, pictures!!!!!!!!! And OP welcome to the neighborhood...
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