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This dog of mine is finally showing some signs of being pawsy. There might be hope for getting him to paw target stuff yet.

The breakthrough finally came when I was able to capture him using a paw while trying to grab his toy from a hard to reach place.

Then went into a shaping bit where I would ignore him until he tried to "stomp" the toy, then click and treat. I could see him deliberately doing the "stomp". After ignoring him picking up the toy and dropping it, I could see him thinking (he usually looks in the distance when he's trying to put 2 and 2 together, it's pretty funny. It looks like he's staring at something random, but he's really thinking) and then maybe 10 seconds later, a stomp move.

I might have messed up the what-looked-like-the-basis-of-a-retrieve (now he'll "stomp and grab" with his paw before grabbing with his mouth - but I'll take this trade right now), but I'll address that later. He doesn't retrieve while outside or anywhere outside of my room anyway. :rolleyes:

Anyway this lead to him getting his "high five" trick amazingly fast, at least while I'm sitting down in a chair (need more work on generalizing it to my position - he's getting better at doing it while I'm standin). Not exactly sure how I "taught" it more so that he just put his paws on my hand when he stood up. Captured and named it and it's the start of a new trick now.

Just now I got done with a training with trying to teach him to shake. There's some sort of mental block there, I swear, but he, at least, would put his paw up if I did the "tickle the back of the leg" trick. So that's progress. I kept going with that and got a few times with him putting a paw in my hand on his own. I asked him for the shake and presented my hand. Turned into another shaping-esque exercise where he tried, literally, the following behaviors:

-folding lie down (most frequently)
-climbing up one me
-standing up on his back paws
-walking to my hand and sniffing it
-licking my hand
-sniffing my mouth (what the heck??)

Then I got the kibble out. Geez. Not only did that put him in "scavenger mode" and I had to keep him off it (some leave it training and that "smirk" he gives me when he almost gets away with something). Anyway, something clicked once I started treating him with the kibble. So more throwing behaviors at me, including intentionally sniffing at the kibble and walking away from it (geez, this dog...), but then I got it out of him. In fact, at one point I couldn't get him to STOP doing the shake. I would move my hand away, and he kept putting his paw back on! :eek: Like "hey, hey, hey, where'd that hand go! I probably could have captured a "wave" here, but...there's time for that, and I seem to know how to trigger it.

Then the last few times, he was doing it on his own, and getting faster. He must really love his Innova! :D

The last time, he got all the kibble left (fed him fast with his paw in my hand so it was like a nice jackpot) and that was the end of the session. He's starting to understand "All done", but that's another topic.

In between, he did some bow type action and I captured that also and did a start on some bows and a little practice on stand, so that was a nice mix-up for him mentally.

At least, maybe my dog will learn how to use his paws to do things besides walk and run around on.

So...given the "press your luck" kind of person I am. Is there a way I can take this shake/high-five action into paw targetting? Also, would you recommend I put a name on the "stomp" move he does, or keep trying to capture and treat him for it? I'd like to turn that into something too.
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