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Few things I could use help with

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I began clicker training with Hurley yesterday and I just have a few questions.

Should I be doing training throughout regular activity? Like on a walk if I call her name should I click and treat, or keep the clicking to training sessions specifically?

Also, how often should I be training? I started loading the clicker yesterday, and left it at that until a few hours later, I did clicks for sits. Which she was already good with.

Guess I'm just looking to see how fast I should be moving with this, sort of need a "schedule" of sorts.
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1. The dog is always learning, so be prepared that she learns what you want, regardless of having the clicker.
2. However, as Pawzk9 wrote, go into a quiet area with a plan in mind - I know, you asked for a plan :)
3. Try this: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAF9999F7B1BEA500

I like kikopup a lot. Her videos are good and she is patient.
My personal philosophy: if you patiently cram as much as you can into a dog's brain at the rate that she enjoys it, you will create a caninieisteinian monster :) Some of the best methods are recommended b/c they work quickly. I taught my dog using methods that weren't the quickest, but allowed him to make decisions, increasingly, to think, and to learn how to learn. I didn't do this on purpose, just kind of backed into it. Kikopup can lead you down that path... beware - do you really want an independent thinker, who is a learning machine :)

1. First, teach the pup that words imply actions: Sit, Down, Come, Name, Shake, Bite Inhibition, and other simple everyday behaviors
2. Also, try to capture cute behaviors - I caught bark, shake, bow... and discovered that dogs can see blue and yellow ...
3. Then, explore more complex behaviors, and shaping ... you'll see your pup's learning style and likes.
4. Check out Sue Ailsby [http://sue-eh.ca/] for her training levels
5. For other ideas, search the Forum for KBLover and Wally; and Google
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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