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Hello! I am new to this forum. Three weeks ago I adopted a 8 month old Aussie shepard -Border Collie mix we call Jack. He is the smartest, sweetest dog I have ever met. He shares his new home with a beagle-shepard mix named Lucky and an elderly poodle-schnauzer mix named Rosie. They have all made the adjustment in a wonderful way.
My problem with Jack is that he, just yesterday, climbed our 4 foot fence to join us out in the rest of the yard. Today, he climbed it twice more. We have a large fenced in area for the dogs and 3 acres of property. We also live on a very busy intersection, so I am very concerned about his safety if he leaves the fenced in yard.
Does anyone have any suggestions to help me train him to NOT climb the fence. I feel very honored that he loves me so much he wants to be with me, however, there are obvious reasons we keep them in the fenced in part of the yard. I do NOT want to tether him outside, when he has all this safe room to run and play.
Thanks so much for your help and suggestions.

I love Jack
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