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Dr isn't overly concerned with her condition ( it seems). This tends to make me feel that I'm over reacting.
She said it wasn't common for spayed females but not uncommon either. I trust her Dr but feel more action should be taken.

Last Dr exam:

Dr examined the area and said that it looked great and continue with cleaning & corn starch. It did look better at that time (10/25/19). It has since then changed back to angry looking.
I'm not 100% sure about her knowledge of a Cane Corso specifically.
That's why I am in search of a vet who knows more or a specialist with the Cane Corso.

Do you know anything about hyperplasia? Or have had a similar issue with one of your dogs? I hope not!
if you happen to have any info please advise.


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I'd see about a second opinion if it's starting to look bad again.

None of my bitches have ever had a problem like that.
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