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Ok Dog groomers here's an interesting question, but a necessary one. What kind of coffee thermos do you use? Most have a bowl like lid (That collects hair... YUCK.) or are made for cold liquids. I've tried so many and they are either hard to clean. I loose pieces of them (ei.. Lids and Straws). Let me know what you use. I could really use your input.

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I'm not a professional groomer, but I do groom my dog.

First, I don't eat or drink during a grooming task.
2nd. I stop to do a quick clean up and give the dog a short break. This is to manage the fly aways.
3rd. When finished.....a thorough clean up.

BTW, any thermos is designed in such a manner that it can keep either hot or cold liquids. Just not at the same time.

My cup of choice for any drink is a simple stainless steel mug that holds about 300 ml, no lid.
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