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3 years after the death of his service dog and my son finally elected a dog he wanted.

We were going to drive 190 miles to pick her up but the bitch owner sent them closer to where her sister had the father dog. So we drove 126 ( true story, she angrily dumped the leftover mixed puppies at her sister's and flew back to her home country with her Cardigan bitch. <_< )
She as a nominal safety amount ($60)

Annoyingly , she was bred by her brother just before pickup so we got a surprise later.

Since our last service dog I personally love mini aussie/mini mixes. This dog has not disappointed us yet with affection, noise, grooming, temperament.
Mother is a Red merle &White Welsh Cardigan Corgi from decades long working line and the father is CH ticked cryptic red merle & white toy American Shepherd (mini aussie).

She is quiet , smart, attentive and.... cute! She also is the runt and 2/3 size of the rest.

5 months old pic that brought her to our attention


her brother we considered. Was paid for 2 days before we arrived. Also the reason for ALAkaBAMA! Puppies! When I saw him both his ears stood

On anti-cat watch while I refinish trellis

"Helping" son with online classes. He puts a pillow on his lap and she sits there

Day after we brought her home and her 6 month birthday. She as born ironically in August. A double merle double augie..lol

The Toy aussie makes for a more delicate augie type but she is still pretty hefty for size. Only one had a poofy aussie coat of the original 8 siblings. It had folded ears. Feifei and the brother were last ones to stand the ears. Fei Fei can't hold a total lift for long. She usually holds them in rosebud position. Still cute.

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Meanwhile my son also wants to keep one of the puppies.. he made connection by saving it's life. The last puppies 5&6 were born hours later and left packaged and drowned. He gave cpr to the one that was still warm for 15 minutes before success. I gave cpr 50 minutes to the runt female who was cold and only had Cheyn Stokes spasms before finally she pinked up and started complaining. They are all cute with very subtle merle and heavy ticking. They are now hand fed and being moved to gruel (mom dried up but I prefer that. She as only 8 months old at whelping. And she is our primary dog, so her health trumps.
The first 4 before we left to pick up a pizza (those tiger stripes? are not color pattern. It is sign of healthy full term birth. They looked so cute tho). The last two were thin, unstriped, small and light


The true runt ended up being the dark tiger stripe boy

The "White" pup is actually a super faded red merle & White with ticking. he may end up deaf n the ear that has true white around it.
Just 12 hrs later even changed their colors
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