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Feeling disheartened

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Today, after several days of offering Blue Buffalo on a timed schedule, which she picked at, she lustily ate raw chicken (for the first time).

I must have given too much and because she then proceeded to vomit up the joint accomplishment.

Tonight, she would not eat raw chicken (she's not dumb, it makes you throw up, hello??!?).

Sigh. :( I'm feeling a bit disheartened, we both worked so hard the last couple of days. My H gave her a hotdog because he says she's looking too thin.

I thought dogs just liked to eat??
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How about transitioning her like she is a cat? First move to a canned food. Then put in one piece of raw chicken. A tiny bit. If that goes well then put in 2 bits of raw chicken. Make 1 bit larger so she bites into it.

Give her a piece of skinned chicken breast with the meat cut to to bone so it looks like spagetti. Cut less each time she gets good at this.

Mash the neck and wing bones with a hammer at first and smash less as she figures it out.

Seems to me your little princess needs to take it slow and easy. I don't have any cat experience. Perhaps google cat and raw diet to get more ideas?

Sassy is old and while she used to be a champion chewer she got sick and weak. She was leaving meat on raw beef ribs! Horror of it all. Well she is stronger and now can chew all the meat off again. Muscles might need training to do this. You aren't asking too much of her but she needs to work up to this apparently.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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