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At 9 months, I think you can wait him out, but keep in mind you made a basic mistake in teaching him that there's better stuff in the world than what's he's been getting, and that you are able to provide it. Right now he's working on waiting you out.

I once knew a woman who kept adding "good stuff" to her dog's food. After a day or two he'd go off whatever good stuff she'd thought up, and she'd up the goodness. Before long he wouldn't eat unless the good stuff was filet mignon level. At that point she finally toughened up and waited him out.

That said, I've always put a topper of some kind on kibble, but I add a bit of water then mix the topper in until it's nothing that can be picked out. Right now my puppy is getting a spoonful of canned mixed in. That makes the water in the kibble like canned food soup. He probably wouldn't eat plain dry kibble now, but since I don't plan on trying to feed him that again (he came from the breeder on that), that's fine with me. However, I wouldn't sprinkle whole bits of beef, pork, or fish on his food or put some yummy sauce just on top.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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