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Feeding raw fish

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Hi everybody. :)

Not long ago that I have started feeding my dog raw chicken meaty bones, such as thighs, backs and necks. Now, I've tried fish, but I don't know exactly how to proceed. So I hope you'll help me in this issue.

Should I give him the fish backbone, or I should refrain from it for it might pierce an organ?

What about the fish head? Am I to give him the head as well? A few days ago I cooked it a little -the head- before giving it to my dog, but I don't really know whether I went right, since as we know bones are quite dangerous not being raw. Can you say the same as for fish?

Thank you in advance and sorry my bad English.
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when i feed iorek fresh mackerel he gets everything, head, tail, backbone, all of it :) i could never cut it up and do anything with it since i really don't like fish! i just take it from the freezer and then drop it on the floor and he loves it. i feed the fish mostly frozen since i also hate the smell of fish. iorek doesn't mind :) he loves fish days. he always eats the "middle" out of the fish first. someone on here suggested that might be because that is where the organs are.
Thank you iorek's mum. My doggy seems not to appreciate the good food - the fish remains in his plate, even though I've had to pass it on the pan a little. He ate a chicken back before, so maybe he's not hungry any longer.
I've heard a lot of stories about fish bones and choking... How true is this? Just cooked fish?

Where do you get cheap fish? I was at the grocery store and they didnt have anything, even on sale, for less than $3.00 per pound (And i live on the coast!)... The store clerk mentioned sometimes they have "chowder grade" fish, but it wasn't in stock at the moment.

He found a dead bass in the pond and god knows he LOVES the smell of fish, i'm sure he'd thoroughly enjoy eating one.
Cheap fish was my problem as well. I found, quite by accident looking for something else entirely, an Asian market that sells small whole fish. I get whole sardines for $1.60 a pound and Indian Mackerel for $2 a pound, just fine as I feed fish for its high Omega 3 fat and not as a staple meat. Google your area and some of the markets have websites and some of those will have online flyers. Then if that isn't working go back and call the ones that aren't 7-11s and the like.
I feed my fish whole... just toss the whole thing to her. The only thing I ever remove are things like spiny fins and so on. Makes my hands stink for an eternity.

Sorry, can't help you on where to find cheap fish. Do you know any hobby fishermen?
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