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Feeding a neopolitan mastiff puppy

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Does anyone have any recommendations on what is the best kibble and any suggestions on what I should feed for the best weight gain
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My dogs aren't as large a breed (Rottweilers), but when I brought them home as puppies, I always left them on the food the breeder was using, at least for a while. My theory is leaving the litter and going to a new home is stress enough without a change of food too.

If your puppy comes from a background where you don't think it was getting what it needed, you might see if there are some specific forums for Mastiff owners. My last puppy was on one of the Canidae foods when I got her. The one before that was raised on raw. When I switched her off that it was to a Fromm kibble.

Unless you really think your puppy is too skinny, you don't want to set out to fatten him? her? up. You want to keep a puppy at a nice, middle weight, neither skinny nor chubby, especially a large breed puppy. If you're not sure what that should look like, ask your vet or an experienced breeder for help assessing condition.
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You don't want large or giant breed puppies growing too fast, because it can lead to orthopedic and other health issues, many of which Neos are already prone too. While I frequently don't agree with this website, this article about "overgrowing" puppies is good. https://healthypets.mercola.com/sit.../slow-growth-diets-for-giant-breed-puppy.aspx

Feeding either a food formulated for large breed puppies or and all life stages food (or even and adult formula), is a good idea. Feeding whatever the breeder was feeding, even if it's something you'd otherwise never feed, is always a good idea for at least a couple of weeks, because they go through so many changes in such a short time when they leave their breeder and go to their new homes.

As for what brand of food is "best", that is always up for debate. IMO, the "best" food is one your dog does well on, likes to eat, and that you can afford to feed. I've tried super high-end foods that other people swore by, only to have my dogs do poorly on them. I've also seen dogs live long, healthy lives on low-end food that I wouldn't even consider feeding. Personally, I'm fine with food that include grain, although these days I do prefer to avoid foods with a lot of corn products in them. I also avoid foods with "novel" proteins like kangaroo, ostrich, and the like (although I might buy the occasional treat here and there).
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