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Feeding a large Breed Puppy Adult Dog food.

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Hello all.

Been lurking for a while. This is my first post. Ive been a dog (dogs) owner for a while now. Recently we brought home an 8 week old French Mastiff. I have always fed my dogs Wellness. Never any issues and most importantly NO GAS (our Golden Retriever was explosive to put it mildly). I purchased a bag large breed puppy wellness but the breeder sent instructions to immediately start him on large breed adult dog food. Its an AKC reputable breeder with a long history of AKC Champs and Grand Champs. My Vet disagrees and says stay with the puppy food.

Im sure both will be fine I think but I was looking to see if any fellow fanatics had an opinion on the subject.

Thanks in advance.

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A lot of people prefer to feed large and giant breed puppies adult or all life stages food. If you do decide to use puppy food, make sure it's formulated for large bred puppies.

My GSD was raised on the same adult formula food I fed my other two dogs. My next puppy will probably be the same.
Feed an All Life Stages dog food.. Puppy food can be too high in protein and encourage extremely fast growth which can lead to panosteitis.

Most vets are not the best nutritionists.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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