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This may work for you're dog but also may not. Depends on the level of fear. For example if you knew that an ant nest was under you're bed would you settle and sleep? Maybe after several days you might but then you may also sell the house and get as far away as possible, lol. I think it would be better to make the bike a part of you instead of making it a part of you're dog. Have the bike where you reside and that way the dog can come for pets,treats, etc. Walking the bike however is certainly what I would do as well.You may have missed something that happened during one of those rides and walking will help identify it. I would also make it pretty fun for you're dog play give treats and be very upbeat. It may take a few walks but you can judge how well your dog is doing. I did this just last year with my terrified small dog who had never even seen a bike. I kept it by the couch and he sat beside me so the big bad bike would not get him, haha. He now rides in a basket and gets super excited if he knows we are going for a ride.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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