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Fear of black men?

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My friend just recently rescued a pit bull from her work who is about 2-3 years old. He is very friendly and sweet towards everyone and extremely well trained, but seems very scared of grown black men.

Is there any way to desensitize dogs who are afraid like this? We are assuming that the dog was probably treated pretty poorly prior to his foster mom rescuing him from the pound.

My friend is really bummed out because the man that this dog is afraid of may become her new roommate soon, and she doesn't want to have to give dog back to the rescue organization or continue to traumatize it by having him over there every day.
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I guess that's a little dirrent than the large ammount of black men who are affraid of your dog...

lol jk jk.

Yeah associating him with the dog getting treats is going to be the only way.

When he comes over, give the dog a treat. When he's there, have him give the dog treats. eventually black men will = getting treats.

You actually have it easy compared to my parents dog who had no socialization with anyone other than white people, and take it out aggresivly towards anyone of a darker persuation. I've met plenty of dogs who are like that too.
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Animals are only as racist as the humans who own(ed) them. That's all I have to say about that.
I wouldn't say racist. I don't think you can train your dog to sick a black man.

And it doesn't make a person racist if they don't socialize their dog with black people. Some people just don't have black friends.
They absolutely can, just as they can distinguish a mentally disabled adult from a non-disabled one, or a person wearing a hat from one not, or a redhead from a brunette.
It's also extremly easy for them to look up and notice that hey... this black man is not the same as my white family. And not understand what he is.

It's something easily fixed by socialization, it's just a shame it had to wait this long to be socialized with other ethnic groups. But you can't always help it. I don't think my dogs know what a black person is, but that's just because this area seems to be pretty segrigated.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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