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A 1-1.5 inch diameter lipoma was found on my 8 year old Lab Mix's chest/neck (right above, almost behind, the top of his sternum. The vet told me they generally aren't an issue and I'll be watching it for changes in size,etc. But, in a google search to learn the how's and why's of fatty tumors I ran across some people who claim to have shrunk or eliminated their dogs' lipomas with L-Carnitine and/or Chromium Picolinate supplements.

The only actual scientific study I can find on this was done on birds. Anyone else have any other sources or personal information on this or any other treatments for fatty tumors. I'm not really super freaked out about this lump, but if there's something I can do to prevent more or resolve this lump, I'm definitely interested.

Other medications: thyroxine
Diet: Canidae until January, Orijen since January
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