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Farm gate problem

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I have 6 fenced acres that are dog/deer proof--even for my Australian Shepherds. The vehicle gate is the problem. One of my dogs will run full speed to the gate when ever she hears it open and will get out before it's closes--it's a battery operated gate with a timer. She will follow a car out as well. I've had a couple of training sessions with a vibrating Garmin collar but so far I'm not confident that she is 'getting' it. The frequent presence of Deer and Turkeys near the gate make it difficult. I hate to do it but I'm considering some kind of invincible fence option with a shock collar. I'd love some suggestions to help solve this.
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Keep in mind that the effectiveness of an invisible fence will depend on why the dog is going through the gate.

A curious dog ambling through? That will work.

A prey driven dog that is chasing deer, turkeys, or cars? Very high chance dog will run through anyway, even with the shock. Many dogs have ended up on the other side of an invisible fence this way and been unable to get back through, because once the chase is over they are very aware of the shock.
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