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Thought I would share some pictures of family members dogs I consider mine,lol. Ginger is a 6 year old rottweiler. She was my grandpas dog but now my uncles. My grandpa got really sick and couldn't care for ginger. At the time I couldn't either. My uncle has always wanted a rottweiler so we got in touch with him and asked him if he would be interested. he of course said yes since he knew Ginger. When my grandpa had ginger I did all the training. I rode the bus to their house everyday after school, stayed every weekend almost, and stayed the whole summer,lol. I have taught giner a few tricks that are our little secret. Like how to bring the remote, shut the light off, close the door ect.. I taught her those things thinking she could have been a service dog for my gramps. She could have been too. She is not the "sterotypical" rottweiler. She has not killed me, not bitten ANYONE, but has almost licked me to death,lol.

roxy is a 8 month old pit bull/English bulldog mix. I have talked about her before so won;t make a long paragraph. Long story short. My grandparents house was almost broken into. They didn't feel safe but couldn't take ginger back. So they got Roxy. She is a good watch dog but not a good guard dog,lol. She is very good at sensing when you get scared though, Last night for example-I took her out around 10 P.M. and some very drunk/high on something guys were walking down the road. off course I tense and she lets out a little growl warning them. They started moving towards me and she barked/growled at them and I slowly went back into the house. They left and went to the other side of the street, thankfully. No, I am not trying to cause more problems for the breed but I like knowing she will warn my grandparents when something is not right or they feel threatened. . I am taking her for a month after I get back from vacation to Obed train her some more. I am also hoping to trian her to bring my grandpas oxygen to him on command and a few other things.

Enough rambling here are the pictures.

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