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Family Feud over Flash

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Well, my husband and I had a big fight about Flash, our JRT. Flash is a great looking dog and we got him from a reputable breeder. He is very white, and so the breeder sold him to us with a spay/neuter contract and no stud certificate. He gets a lot of sunburn around his eyes because the pink skin is very sensitive at high altitude here, so I made an appointment for him to get the skin tattooed, as 3 vets recommended, because he could easily develop cancer. It is a bit expensive, but I did it while neutering Flash, which made it easier on the pocketbook. My husband was angry I would spend money on Flash's eyes AND neuter him. He was angry because a lot of people have asked us to 'backyard breed' Flash to some of their JRT bitches, and he thinks the money would have at least covered the "silly" tattooing. I think Flash is great, but if the breeder didn't think he was good enough to breed, I think maybe she has a reason after 20 years of breeding dogs. Also, I had 3 different vets tell me that he would be better off living up here with the tattooing and it will prevent brutal skin damage (we tried the 'Doggles' - there is no way a JRT would ever keep those on - seriously!). Anway, he is mad that I spent the money to fix his eyes and that I took away a potential source of income. I feel like what I did was right, but it IS hard when a guy called and wanted to pay us $400 to breed him ... but I think Flash's eye problems may be hereditary?? Anyway, what's done is done. I just wish I didn't feel so rotten.
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you shouldn't feel rotten, you did the right thing.
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