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It's really difficult, nearly impossible to train a dog if the whole family isn't on board with the rules and training. Dog 1 can still be helped, but your dad has to change his perspective of her and treat her differently. I think you're doing a great job with Dog 2, things are happening and the dog is responding. Keep it up and you'll see her change into a well behaved pooch. You know, Dog 2 probably has too much energy pent up, and that was the reason why she was so good at the end of that long walk. She finally got enough exercise and it cleared her head so she was able to listen and follow. And now that you're also giving her clear instruction on what she is supposed to do, practicing and training with her, she's picking it up really fast. Remember, the more you get her outside and seeing and smelling new things on a regular basis, she will have no reason to try to run away. I think she was just bored. I think if your mom keeps up with the same routine of how you walk Dog 2 and as long as she gets enough exercise and is rewarded for doing good things, Dog 2 won't forget what you taught her. You and your mom just have to make sure your dad doesn't reinforce bad behaviors and she will be just fine. As for Dog 1, you can try to get her to exercise more and use positive reinforcement training to teach her being calm and nice is a good thing. You have to take baby step though. However, I really strongly think if your dad refuses to jump on-board, accept that she is aggressive (or at least too intense in her excitement), and discourage that overly excited behavior, it's going to take forever to try to get her to calm down. He is just feeding the behavior, and as long as she is rewarded for that, Dog 1 has no reason to change.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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