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Faded Fur

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i need help, feel like im on crazy pills. Dog fur appears to be fading exactly where the dogs harness straps are. Before anyone suggests visiting a vet, been there, done that, dog is in great shape for the shape it's in. So i am wondering if the fading fur is being caused by harness strap friction or possibly sun bleaching. Next question would be will the dogs fur return to it's naturally darker color if discontinuance of the harness is implemented?
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FWIW that is one reason why I don't leave a collar on my dog.. collar marks. Harnesses will do the same. I prefer a collar to a harness if I must use a leash for any reason as communication to the dog is far more clear on collar and, a property fitted martingale collar cannot be slipped like a harness can be.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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