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Eye Ulcer

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Hi everyone,
I'm new to the forum and just wanted some opinions/advice?
I have a 10month old Maltese x Shihtzu who was absolutely fine this morning. I went out for 2 hrs and when I came back he couldn't open one of his eyes and was 'pawing' it.
I took him to the vets and she said he has a large corneal ulcer (she said its just on the surface and not deep). We've been given drops & antibiotics but I'm wondering what could've caused it?
I have a cat but I separate the pair of them when I'm out. The puppy had been walked and normally just sleeps when I'm out (he was asleep when I got in).
I'm a little worried that it could be linked to the Angel Eyes I've just started giving him? I gave it to him when he was a tiny pup & it was fine. I've obviously not give it today - is it possible to make the eyes too dry with angel eyes? My vet said she didn't think it would be that but I wondered if anyone else has seen a link between the two? (I started using AE only 4 days ago).
Any advice would be much appreciated! I just want my pup to be better! :(
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Any little scratch or irritation that they continue to paw at/rub can cause that. I have no idea about the Angel Eyes, but I would definitely stop using it during treatment for the ulcer.

Did they give you a cone also? You have to prevent the dog from rubbing it at all during the treatment. My vet says 1-2 weeks healing time.
Yes he's wearing a cone, poor little thing.
It seems a little better this morning. His eye is more open but he's blinking a lot.
It's horrible seeing them suffer.
Be vigilant about treating it. Eye ulcers can go downhill fast. You don't want it to get a fungal infection.
I've been giving eye drops 4x a day as instructed (even though it is a bit of a battle!).also still giving him antibiotics & keeping him out of wind/bright sunlight. We're back at the vets tomorrow for a check up too!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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