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Eye infection? Allergy?

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I have a 9 week old Chi/Pom puppy. He had his first set of shots at exactly 9 weeks (two nights ago). The next morning (yesterday) I started to deworm him, just in case. I am using SafeGuard deworming powder mixed in his food. I noticed that yesterday and today, about one hour after his deworming meal, his right eye half closed. It looks a little watery but no puss or anything. It seems to go away after another hour or two. Could this be a reaction to the medicine? Should I discontinue use? Or is it possible that its just an allergy? He doesnt seem to be itching or anything else. Can I use human eye drops?
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if it's back to normal now maybe he just had a hair in it? i would ask the vet what kind of eyedrops to use. i don't think dogs can use all human eyedrops.
Ok. I was also told that I could use Benadryl for allergies. Is that safe?
Benadryl is safe for dogs, BUT I'm not sure about puppies that young. You also need to make sure it is plain Benadryl, not Cold and sinus, or one containing Ibuprophen, acetomenophin, etc. Please check with your vet due to your puppies age/weight.

Saline drops are safe for eyes to flush out debris. You can find them it drug stores in the section that sells eyedrops.
Read the contraindications of Benadryl whether it is safe for a puppy that age. Or you can ask your vet about it as well, to be sure.
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