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eye infection advice?

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Hi all - we have a French Water Dog / Bernese Mountain Dog cross (okay she's a 'bernedoodle' :wink: )

She seems to be getting recurring eye infections - goopy yellow discharge globs on the side of the eye, paired with an overall crusty discharge all around the eye socket. Sorry if that was too graphic.

The vet gave us antibiotic drops (2x per day for a week - a product called Tobradex). She hated them but we used them, and that cleared it up. Then just a few days later the condition was back again, and a week later as bad as ever. This does not seem to bother her, by the way, but I cannot imagine it is good for her ocular health. We clean her up every day with a damp cloth, being careful not to cross-infect from one eye to the other, but they both seem to have the same condition anyways.

So the question is - will this run its course as she develops a natural immunity? Is this allergies (I presume not because the antibiotics did work)? Is there any good treatment other than antibiotics? Should we try non-medicated eye drops? Are we running the risk of creating an antibiotic-resistant strain if we keep using the same stuff? Do you think we just needed to use it longer? Do you think our carpets and her toys are infected?

Any other ideas or advice?


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we not able to give medical advice and happy your working with a vet. You can ask if this is a food , or environment reaction is it bacterial or yeast base situation .. I had the same situation with two of my gsd's get drops for their ears and it would clear right up and even with extended use before we weened them off it would be back full force with in 3 weeks. Reading B Naturals news letters was helpful at the time as one source of information.
You need to ask your vet to be very sure she doesn't have eyelashes growing in toward her eyes (angled toward them/rolled eyelids - entropian). It's particularly common in Berners. You also need to make sure that her coat isn't making contact with her eyes in general.
Agreed. Could be the infection didn't get completely knocked out by the first round of antibiotics, could be there's a secondary factor causing this (allergies, entropian, dry eye, etc.). Either way, time for a re-check at the vet's. You're right that eye issues can go south quickly, since they're such delicate structures. Hope you get to the bottom of it soon.

Good luck!
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