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okay so first of all, no she is not from a pet store, she is someones dogs puppy.
I've had my puppy since she was a pup (like 3 months), when I got her she was shy, and then it slowly got worse, and worse, and now she is 4 (5 in december) and she is TERRIFIED of strangers, mostly men. she cant sit still! she is always pacing, and she cant gain weight (dont worry! the vet said shes perfect weight) because shes all nervous energy. she likes being in her crate, because its her safe spot. she only actually RELAXES in her crate. she is not very cuddly, but she asks for belly rubs and when you give her a belly rub, her tummy very tense.

okay things my girly loves. walks! she gets walked everyday for a nice long walk, so its not unusual she sees the leash she totally freaks out! she literally screams, and then on the walk she pulls so hard! She also loves the dog park, thats where she doesnt bark at strangers, the dog park. unfortunatly she doesnt get to the dog park as often as she would like.

things we've tried with her: we took her to the vet, and she got some pills, they did absolutely NOTHING! and we got a thunder shirt, which did NOTHING!

more info on my pup: she has all her shots, is fixed, and loves kids, which is great considering there are always kids in the house to play with my kids. she has a sister (schnauzer shih tzu) that is just the most layed back creature everywhere.

does anyone have any tips for helping my baby over come this? Im honestly willing to do almost anything!

thanks so much!
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