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Hello, looking for input or experience for people who have dogs with this particular type of heart disease. My (maybe) 7 year old dog was diagnosed via echo a few months ago. They said she was in second stage. The vet keeps adding more drugs, but so far she's still having a lot of fluid in her chest.

She is still her usual overly hyper self (adopted Pom Chi mix), but tonight she had a bought of heavy breathing that had me really worried for a minute. My kid had a friend over so I locked her in my room in case it was too much excitement. She is back to her usual self right now though.

My vet is closed until Monday and the emergency vet is an hour and 45 mins away (yay small town life). It makes me nervous that if she does have any heart failure outside of vet office hours, she's out of luck. We just had a vet appointment 3 days ago too :(
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