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I wanted to share my experience in case it's useful for anyone else down the road. It's a much longer story than I'll share here, but I'm limited on time so I'll make it concise.

My dog developed a growth on the inside of his lower eyelid at about 6 months of age. It grew very quickly and the vet decided to remove it surgically, thinking it was likely just a wart. She did suggest we get it biopsied because it's not common for such young dogs to get them. The growth was removed and the biopsy came back as canine viral papilloma. About 2 months later, he developed a growth on one of his toes, another on his bottom lip, and one above his eye. We were told to just monitor him and wait for his body to fight it off, and at this point we were at about 4 months since he'd shown his first symptom. About a month later, the growth on his lower eyelid, in the same place he'd had one removed, came back. It came back with a vengeance, and a week from when it first appeared because gigantic.

Our vet referred us to the dermatologist and ophthalmologist, neither of who had a great solution. Neither one could remove the growth entirely without damaging the eye, and with a guarantee it wouldn't immediately come back. In the end, we settled on the dermatologist's recommendation of starting him on Interferon, an antiviral drug. I had also done some reading online, and decided to put my pup on Thuja pellets (homeopathic remedy) since lots of people had had success with it.

I ordered the Interferon, but it was going to take about a week to arrive. In the meanwhile, I started giving him Thuja pellets. On the third day of giving him Thuja, the growth on his eye just fell off! Within a week, all of the other growths were resolved as well. I called the dermatologist and he was stunned, and fortunately I never had to start my pup on the Interferon drugs. The papillomas never came back.

Obviously, I don't know without a shadow of a doubt that it was the Thuja that did the trick. Perhaps his body was just finally ready to fight it off, or who knows what happened. But I did want to share this for other folks who may be feeling desperate, since the results were pretty amazing. And again, this is not medical advice, I'm just sharing out experience!
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