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Expensive lesson learned...

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Never put you digital camera in your pocket with a cell phone. Needless to say these are my last pictures for awhile until I can afford a new camera.:mad:

They were on a walk at the park here. We have so much flooding here that some are the streets are now ponds.


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Never put you digital camera in your pocket with a cell phone.
What happened?

Great pictures!
Ill second the great pictures comment! Sorry about your camera.
I would hazard a guess that they were pulled out both at the same time and the camera lost! Sorry about the camera. I loved the picture of the trees. Quite stunning...but sorry about the flooding.
Thanks for the comments on the pics.

Actually, I'm not exactly sure it was the cell phone, but that's my only guess. I was taking pics that day and put both in my pocket. When my hubby went to put the pics on the computer, the camera had a black screen (it looked like a magnet was next to it). Luckily he got the pics, but the camera is trash. It sucks... I just bought it in November. It was a SOny Cybershot.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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