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Exercising my goldendoolde with only two vaccinations

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Hi All,

I am very new to bringing up puppies. I got butters home when he was 12 weeks old and he had only 1 vaccination by then. That week I got him his 2nd shot and am scheduled for my 3rd on Jan 30th.
Now, he needs some kind of an exercise because the vet said that we cannot take him out without his 3rd vaccination. I am playing fetch and tug with him but seems like that is not enough. HE gets the Zoomies almost everyday.
I even try and take him out to the yard for his potty but instead of playing he ends up putting the stones and leaves in his mouth. I say leave and then he wants to come back into the house.
I would like to know if there is anyway I can make him expand his energy out in the yard without the fear of him putting things in his mouth. Or can I take him for a walk/run in the neighborhood? I know dog parks and beaches are out of question.
All you suggestions/advices are most welcome.

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I'd work on loose leash walking starting now because that is extremely difficult for the dog to learn. So walk around the back yard on leash for the same amount of time you would take out in the world rewarding pup when he looks at you and for keeping close to you with a loose leash. Doesn't matter how far away from home you get, matters how many and how fast the steps are.

Don't try to wear him out, you will just create an exercise junkie and possibly damage his joints. Play with him several times a day, train him several times a day and crate him when he gets cranky.

Zoomies come from happy relaxed dogs here. I love them.
@KAthyy Thank you so much for the reply. I took him for a 10 min loose leash walk today in my backyard. I also made him go up and down the stairs about 7 times. I am planning to follow this schedule for the next few days. 10 min walk in the morning. 10 min walk in the noon and 10 min walk in the evening and then stairs for about 7 times and a little fetch and tug. I am happy as long as he is happy:). I hope this is not a lot of exercise.
Don't do the stair thing. That's rough on a pup's developing bones and joints.
Thank you so much for the replies. With a 30 min loose leash walking he seems to be a vey happy puppy.
Great! Remember to practice this everywhere you can safely and once you are allowed out and about he needs to learn how to do this all over again. Because of your great practice in less interesting places he will learn faster and you now understand how to get his attention and help him walk with a loose leash.
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