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EXCUSES! Pups pay the price - I need to find peace of mind

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I'm a disabled sr citizen living in a sr community in the Ft Lauderdale area of Fla. Like most of us here, I have a cleaning lady - (refering to her as CA) for the past few yrs. She lives in Cylo GA & drives back & forth, staying in FL for 3 wks

Approx 6 months ago, her dog back in GA got out & came home pregnant, later giving birth to approx 10-12 puppies. (The dog was supposed to get fixed, but obviously she wasn't - 1 excuse after another).

When the puppies were about 4 months old, all but 2 died - PARVO.

Yesterday CA called to let me know the last 2 puppies (abt 6 months old) were gone - but not b/c of Parvo. They were in a pen at CA's dgtr's house, but somehow got out & ran to some chicken farmer's place across the rd. I don't know if the pups actually did any harm (CA just recently told me what playful pups they were), but "farmerman" beat both (killing one) with a 2x4. CA's husband had to put the other one down - it was suffereing too much.

"We basically live in the 'boon docks' & that's kind of the way things are here", (referring to the pups not getting protected from Parvo, and what 'farmerman' did (no legal actions against him). For the Parvo pups, she admitted that there was a hosp she cld have brought them to .. "but I really didn't have the money" (But she loved those slot machines here in Fla & she had money to play them several times!)

Yes she cried each time for the puppies, but she also mentioned how ppl just don't bring their pups to be innoculated - BUT she knew this was done for puppies! As for the 2 that got beaten to death - I cannot accept her justification & I don't think her dgtr is either b/c she blames her mother (I forgot the actual details of the blame).

Even if it's so, despite this being 2012, that this is the way it is in the rural areas of GA, she KNEW better!! Her knowing does not justify her behavior. I believe she was completely neglient as a dog owner/lover and she wld repeat herself if there were puppies again. Her "babies" ...

I've got 3 wks before she's here again to clean. Hopefully she won't bring up abt the puppies. However I will have to stop her is she does. This has gotten me very upset & disgusted with her. But unfortunely, I need her for cleaning.

While looking for a site to vent my pain, I came across several horror stories of sorts which didn't help my matters any.

Thank you for listening....
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Hope you feel better. I think you are perfectly right to tell her not to mention the pups again. If it is an employer-employee relationship, then you are not her therapist. Don't bring up the topic, but if she does, then cut her off, telling her that it upsets you and that you don't want to hear about it ever again. And, if she forgets, keep cutting her off and reminding her. You aren't paying her to come and upset you.
I agree, I would just cut her off at the first mention, tell her how upset and disgusted you are at the neglect and death of the puppies and that if you even hear that her dog gets pregnant again you will be looking for a more responsible cleaning lady. That might get her thinking. I'm sure there's others that would be willing to clean.

When I was looking for a dayhome for my kiddo, I skipped past any that said 'outside only' dogs and didn't go with the people that have a female cat but can't spay her because 'she's not ours' - she's been there for 2 years, enough already, get her spayed.... ugh now I'm annoyed....
I'd fire her and find someone else to clean. I'm sorry, "that's just the way it is around here" is no excuse to me. If everybody were setting babies on fire and raping grandmothers, would that be okay, too? I rather think not.
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